Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brita Water Pitcher

While browsing some of my favorite blogs this morning, I came across this great deal


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brita Water Pitcher $2.77 at Lowes!

Lowe’s currently carries the Brita Water Pitcher for only $9.77 (this price may vary depending on where you live). Use this $7/1  Brita coupon found here to score a pitcher for just $2.77!

WTG Olenka

 I need to tell my good friend Olenka what a kick ass job she did at the grocery store with her coupons. Totally amazing. She ended up leaving the store and only spent like 40 cents. She rocks. You should get some kind of award baby girl. Keep up the good work : Here is her story below (yes I C&P it but I knew she wouldn't mind LOL . YOu can also check out her great site at

In all my short time of couponing.. I have never spent so little at the grocery store. I wish I would have taken a picture of my groceries tonight because it does not look like $84 worth of stuff.

My experience was not pleasant at all, especially when I paid my *change*. But it was not a scheduled trip. I just got out from the schools open house and decided to pick up some lunch meat for tomorrow. I decided to pick up a couple money makers and then got my groceries. I handed my coupons to the cashier and received a huff from her. I already had a feeling pulling into her station that this was not going to go over nicely.. But I still continued and just hoped the experience would be as pleasant as the previous trips. Off the bat she spouted you cant use this coupon.. ooh no this one goes over the amount of the priced item so you cant use that... I simply said Paul your store manager allowed me to use that coupon just the other day and I called here to make sure I could use the competitor coupon.. I will be honest I did get an attitude because It just annoyed me at how unhappy this cashier was to have to deal with coupons.. I told her to call over the manager... the store manager was not there so I got someone else.. LONG Story short.. Attitudes galore!!! I never get an attitude so I really need to make sure I do not if this happens next time and just leave the store with my coupons and go to another one.

Now according to my calculations, I should have paid close to $10 so I have no idea how the amount went so low. But I do need to remember to count the exact amount of coupons and make sure that I buy the same amount of groceries and possibly a couple over from this point on. Just to keep the register and an unhappy cashier go crazy because she cant ring me up quickly. OOH and there were a couple of people in the back of me who huffed even louder and left the lane. The other day that same thing happened and I apologized to the store manager and he responded with no need for an apology I turned my light off for a reason 80).

Without further adu... My receipt

2 Baileys coffee creamers $2.50 ($.50)
2-$1/1 MQ
2 international house coffee creamers $3.00 ($1.00)
2-$1/1 MQ
2 Oscar Mayer honey ham $5.00 ($4.00)
1-$1/2 MQ
1 Publix Sliced bread $1.29 ($.29)
1-$1 off bread when you buy Oscar Mayer meat PQ
1 Cascade rinse $3.39 ($1.89)
1-$1/1 PQ
1-$.50 MQ
4 Airwick freshmatic kits $25.96 (-2.04 OVERAGE)
4-$4/1 MQ
4-$3/1 PQ
2 Cinnamon toast crunch cereal BOGO $3.99 ($1.99)
2-$1/1 MQ

1 $4/20 Rite Aid competitor coupon

Total before coupons $84.45
Total sales and coupons $84.05
Total Paid Out of Pocket $.40

Monday, September 6, 2010

Scentsy Buddy

Check out the newest website from Scentsy! For the children in your life, or the "kid in YOU!" Similar to Webkinz with computer games & downloadable coloring pages, Scentsy buddies are waiting for a place in your home!

Scentsy Buddy are the latest Scentsy products! Scents Buddy are stuffed animals with a Scent Pak in the back to hold delightful Scentsy fragrance. Each Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pocket to hold the Scent Pak and watch your Scentsy Buddy come alive with scent. Contact your Scentsy Consultant ...ME LOL