Friday, August 6, 2010

I won, I won LOL

Ok, now when it comes to winning stuff off of the Internet, I am EXTREMELY lucky. It just blows my mind away at how much stuff I've won since the beginning of the year. I seriously need to play the lottery or hit the casinos.That's how often I win stuff. This time my win was an Everepure Water Analysis Kit (valued at $90). So weird because like 2 nights ago I told my husband that I hoped I won it LOL. This kit comes with everything you need to test your water and the steps are easy. You then send the results in and I think I read that you get them back in less than 2 weeks. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and so many great others. You rock!!


  1. You are just unstoppable. Always winning
    or getting something for free. Can you
    share some of that luck?

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  3. Congratulations on your win!

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