Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ice cream Truck

 I'm sure most of you have an ice cream truck that comes through your neighbor hood. I swear ours is a stalker LOL. Not in a bad way though. She makes me insane, more so than usual. Every night she comes creeping down the road with her music extra super loud. If I hear her before the kids do then I try to turn the tv up really loud or get them in another part of the house. This usually doesn't work and they go running out the door. What also makes it bad is she ALWAYS will just stop right in front of the house. I'm like are you kidding me? I have 4 kids and this crap can get expensive since she comes every day of the week. Her loud music playing and she's on the microphone saying HELLO, HELLO.

This goes on from May-September. She's stressing me LOL. I at one point told her I didn't like her very much. So did my next door neighbor because her little one has to have ice cream every night as well. If I hear her coming, I also try to throw the kids in my truck really fast and go somewhere. They don't need treats every night but if I don't get them one the 3 & 4 yr old have super meltdowns. It doesn't matter if I have stuff in the freezer it's just not the same.

Last night my son came running down the stairs yelling, "there she is, there she is." Well, I looked out the window and she was already past the house so I sat back down. Next thing I know he's saying, "she's coming back, shes backing up." I was like no way, she is NOT backing down the road!! Yep, there she was in front of my house. I was like, SERIOUSLY!!! I can not believe this. So the kids are running out the door and I'm like ,"WAIT!!" I'm digging in my purse for money and of course all I have is a 20. Nice, sending kids to get icecream with 20. Unlimited possibiliteis there.  Just 3 kids were at home so I thought ok, the 9 yr old is pretty responsible, she won't get tons of stuff. HA!!! That was funny.

Can't wait to see what today brings or when the truck will be down the road. She comes anywhere between 5-9. Yes 9. If it's dark, she'll spotlight the house. Anyone else have an ice cream lady like this LOL???


  1. Wow our ice cream truck flies through our area, we have stopped it ONCE this summer! We need a little bit of your stalkerish ice cream lady! lol

  2. Cara I am so with you on the ice cream truck lady! Ours is the same way and slows down right in front of my house. Not sure why she does that.. could be that the kids stalk her and stair out the window knowing somehow the time she comes everyday. And yes 9 Pm here too. Im like freak much.. Who would be buying ice cream that late.. UM Fred LOL Everyday no fail she is here. lol I turn the TV up loud now until I know she is gone. Can't stand her lol.. OOH and she smokes too so its like Yay Ice cream covered smoke coughs lol

  3. This is why I live in the country! Your ice cream lady does sound like a stalker! Seems like that should be against the law! Noise violation or something!

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  7. Yew...she actually says hello??? That would creep me out, as if ice cream trucks don't creep me out to begin with. They totally stalk and ruin any chance you have of escaping the park or pool without shelling out tons of dough on gross ice cream that requires a full exfoliation afterwards.

    Following you back from TTA. Please come back again soon!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner