Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Badges and Ads

Yes, believe it or not, I DO realize I have a ton of them on my page. I feel like a hoarder as I keep adding more and more LOL. I was going to clean out my page but I have no idea where to start. Most of the ones I add are ones that I truly like and want to share. The affilate ones are also only ones that I truly like and think are great products. So, please excuse the clutter because I'm sure I'll be finding more favs to add. If you have time, take a look around. I'm sure I have something for everyone. I also have some pretty amazing blogs listed down toward the bottom listed in the Blog Roll. As of this morning there were over 140 listed. Who knows, there my be something you like in one of them. One thing is for sure, you can spend a good bit of time here looking at all that I have to offer LOL.

1 comment:

  1. Yes you do have alot But I appreciate it! Seriously I can stay here for hrs just looking thru all these awesome blogs you are advertising! Also I have found soo many deals thru the sites you have here too so Keep on adding them!! 8)