Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Tuesday

So, how was everyones weekend? Mine was pretty good, no complaints. We stayed pretty busy so now I need a chance to relax. Yeah, like that's giong to happen. The kids getout of school this week and I still need to get stuff together for our vacation to the beach. Lets hope I'm able to get some R&R at the beach. Doubtful though LOL. I will be computer free for a week though so try not to miss me to much :)

I have no playgroups scheduled for the kids this week so that will give me some free time to get some stuff together. I have ordered so much stuff and it should all be arriving this week. I got a beach cabanna thing, some wet wipe looking things with sunblock in them and those safety wristbands from Mabels Labels. My husband will be like WTH when he sees the UPS man rolling up here so much but lets hope hes not here when he comes LOL. My kids love him though so I'll just tell him to shut up LOL.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and to all of my frugal coupon friends, I hope you made some awesome scores at the store last week.

Take care,



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  2. Thank you for my ((hugs)) and sweet commtne. My ankle hurts even more today, but I knew that's what would happen:( I hope you also have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by! Don't be a stranger. BTW I'm following now :)

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