Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Raining, Its Pouring

It has been storming off and on most of the day. I love thunderstorms. There's just something about them and puts me at ease. I love feeling the cool breeze and watching the sky light up. It's awesome to me. Don't have a lot to say really. I'm trying to get the family ready for vacation in a couple of days. A 10 hr drive with 5 kids should be good times. NOT!!!!! Hopefully they'll be occupied for most of the trip with their MP3's and DVD players. Keep your fingers crossed. When I get back I'm going to start addingmore things to the blog. I need to get focused on this because I really enjoy it. It's just hard to do sometimes with a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old glued to me. I don't don't how some of you do it. There are some great Blogs out there and I admire each and everyone of you for your hardwork and dedication. Kuddos.

Speaking of hardwork and dedication, check out my friends Etsy site. her work is amazing. She has made some things for me and everything she does, she gives 150%. Here is here link. Tell her Cara sent you LOL


  1. I really miss the lightening and thunder storms! We don't get many in Oregon. :(

  2. ooo i love ur blog & I am sure gonna be back
    do visit me if u get a chance

  3. Just found you through a bloghop, hope you will follow me back :)