Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Morning

Here is how coupon obsessed I am. I got up this morning at the crack of dawn, ran down the stairs, and out the front door to get my newspapaper. I mean after all, the sunday paper rocks!!! It's where all the good coupons are. I was waiting on Walgreens new add. I LOVE shopping at Walgreens. I never thought I would enjoy a drugstore this much and honestly until recently I never went there unless it was to pick up my prescriptions. Well, I attended a coupon class a few weeks ago and I learned SO MUCH!!!! So, I suggest you give Walgreens a try. You can use their coupons, along with Manufacturers Coupons to get an even better deal. Sometimes you even get stuff from free. Last week in their flyer they had a coupon for $3 off Bayer. Well, the Bayer only cost $2.99 so I got it for free. How awesome is that??? I don't even use Bayer but it was free so why not?? LOL

Just yesterday I had a coupon for a Johnson & Johnson product. It was save $1 off of any baby product. Well, I bought those little soaps with the mesh coverings so they don't slip out of the kids hands. They were only .97 so I got them for free also. I am learning so much about couponing. I love to talk about it and share what I know also. It's like I'm obsessed LOL. So if you ever have any questions, just ask me, please LOL. I'll be more than happy to tell you what I have learned and what are good sites to get freebies and get the best coupon deals. Well, I'm off here to have my 2nd cup of coffee and to scour the net for more deals. Have a good one :)

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  1. went there today and got this $15 product for only $5 with their sale on it and manufactured coupon!! I have the kids Teacher's gift all set for Teacher appreciation week!! WOOT.. 80)