Sunday, April 25, 2010

A little about couponing

As I told you all recently, it has became my obsession. I'm into week 3 almost and I'm just now starting to get really organized. Getting organized is the key especially if you're like me and you use the binder to keep your coupons in. The coupons are kept inside of baseball card holders. These can be found by the baseball/pokemon cards and such. I don't suggest you use one of those tiny little accordian like coupon holders. I mean seriously, those are to small and hard to find anything in. Personally I think the big binder with the labeled tabs is the way to go. I use the zip up Caseit brand. It has a nice strap and a handle. I know you're thinking OMG she's insane. Well that's besides the point LOL. I'm tellin you that I LOVE this binder. I got it at Target for under $20. You can also purchase them at Office Max. Plenty of room for your scissors, calculator, extra adds, all sorts of stuff.

Like I said, you use baseball card inserts to hold your coupons and you divide your binder into sections to help you locate your coupons. For example I have meat, dairy, snacks, cleaning supplies, health and beauty, cereal. You get the idea.

Most people get their coupons from the sunday paper. Yes, that's a good place to start but actually, I learned at a recent class that you shouldn't use your coupons as soons as they come out. Most items cycle and chances are if you hold onto your coupon you can get a better deal later.

Yes, I clip away on Sundays and do my price comparing but I also buy coupons from a site know as a Coupon Clipper. The one I use is I LOVE THIS SITE!!!! So far I have ordered 3 times, spent next to nothing and have gotten my coupons in 3 days. Jsut TRY the binder method and I swear you will love it.

I do suggest though that you have a plan going into the store. Make a list, stick with it and know what coupons you have to go with your list. It's also easiest for me if I go to the store of an early morning or after 8 at night. There's less traffic in the isles and if I need to I can stand there and browse through my coupons to see if there's anything else I may need. Also you can totally score if you have a store that doubles coupons. I go to Giant Eagle. They double up to 99 cents. So say if I have a coupon for 99 cents off of an item, they double it and I now get $1.98 off of that product. Isn't that cool??

Well, that's enough excitement for now. I'll enlighten you more later. can't wait huh?? LOL


  1. getting my baseball card sleeves today!!! woot! Thank you again sweety for the help! You have been wonderful with help and support!!! I love saving a ton and look fwd to saving a ton more! ps. no more driving to different stores lol

  2. I also read somewhere if you go to McDoanlds on a Sunday people usually leave the papers and coupon inserts laying around so you could score some extra sunday inserts that way!