Monday, April 26, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!!!

What is up with this Ohio weather??? TOTALLY despise it. It'll be 80 one day and 30 the next. Totally ridiculous. The kids were supposed to have a playgroup this morning- A Stroller Stroll & Tyke Hike but of course it got rained out. That's ok, it's supposed to start in 20 minutes and the 4 yr old is STILL asleep. Besides, it'll give me time to work with my new lover my coupon binder and get the house straightened up. I despise Mondays. Everyone is home on the weekends and they just toss stuff everywhere and I think they've forgotten how to pick stuff up and carry dishes to the kitchen. I love my family to death but come on, a little help please. I told my husband last night that if he didn't get his butt in gear then I was going to pack my stuff and go down the road and stay at the Hampton Inn. I will too and he knows it. I'm not playing around. Ok, that's my daily vent for now so lets get onto more fun things such as COUPONS!!!!!!

For those of you who LOVE Walgreens like I do, here is a really good site: Make sure you check it out. Another good one is for Target:

There is just so much out there and so many ways you can save. I'll give you some more tips later. After all, I want you to keep coming back LOL


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  2. Raining here in PA, too. ICK. At least it's green, and not white.

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