Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me LOL

Nothing exciting going on here. Just another Saturday. I've been scouring the internet so far this morning looking for good deals to share and I think I've found a few. Also just wanted to give you all a little reminder to please click on the adds for me. That's what helps keep my site up and running so PLEASE Click, Click, Click on them. I would really appreciate it. Also I've been adding those little square buttons, badges, whatever you want to call them. Those are some of my favorite sites so feel free to check then out as well. Last night C and I went to the Store around 10 and we took my big binder full of coupons. I'm telling you this thing is HUGE. We totally scored and I LOVE getting good deals. I'm learning to love being frugal. I just to get such a high on just going shopping. Now it's even better when I can look at my receipt and see how much money I have saved. It's great!!! I used to spend $150/week just on food. Now I'm spending close to $60 and that's including H&B items, cleaning supplies, cat food, and food for the family. AWESOME I'm telling you!! If anyone is interested in any tips or anything, just keep checking back because I'll be posting more stuff soon. Like I said, this is a work in progress. With 4 kids and a husband I call "manbaby" (ty Olenka for the term LOL) I have to delegate my time.


  1. You should have checked out my Date Night Ideas in Akron article for your anniversary! lol

  2. I cannot wait to see what deals you have for us! SO excited and you are very welcome LOL