Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Hump Day, Yeah Ok, Whatever LOL

I have been so busy this morning. Doing what you ask, sitting here looking at blogs LOL. My goal today was to do the laundry, tag some yard sale stuff and to go get a few things from the store. It's only 10:15 so I guess I still have time. We shall see though LOL. Last night my other friend we shall call him "Man Whore Mike" (MUAH LOL ) sent me an Amazon gift card. I was SO EXCITED!!! 2 gift cards in one day. First was from Chris for the kick ass cupcakes and then one from Mike so I could buy books. I was on line when I got the email from Amazon so I went straight there and got two books. WOO HOO!!! One of them was on couponing. LOL HUSH!!!!! The other one was the 5th book in this series I started reading last winter. I hate it when you get sucked into books and then they make you wait a year for the next one. LOSERS!!!! This one is from the Vampire Academy Series. LOVE IT!!!! I also ordered my next Tru Blood book the other night but it wont be here till sometime in May. I'm so impatient, I hate to wait on anything LOL

Oh I have some good deals to pass along today for my local friends. now welcomes Giant Eagle to their electronic coupon service. Just register your GE card at, choose the coupons you want to use and you're all set. I'm ALL excited about this because the new add there is in effect starting tomorrow. YAY!!! TY Chris for passing along this info :)

Well, that is my useless info for today. Have a good one :)

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