Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coupon Obsessed

Since I'm coupon obsessed, I'm trying to recruit as many of you as I can to come over to the binder side with me LOL..I found this really AWESOME site today (yes while I was supposed to be cleaning sssshhhh) and I think you all should check it out. It's called We Use Coupons and it's at the top of my page. Big green box. You can't miss it. Or if you click on the pink link at the top of this post that says coupon Obsessed, it will take you directlty to this great site.

On it I found a list that is important for every newbie to know so I wanted to share it with you all. I know you're so excited you can hardly contain yourself :::giggles::: Seriously, go check this site out. Also, if y you like it and decideto sign up for it, it's free BTW, PLEASE put this name down (Kurt James) as a referral :) TY

Commonly Used Coupon Slang, Acronyms & Abbreviations

AR - After Rebate
AYOR - At Your Own Risk
B1G1 or BOGO - Buy One Get One Free
B5G1 - Buy FIVE Get One Free
BC/AC – Before/After Coupons
BIL - Brother-in-law
Blinkie - SmartSource machine with a red blinking light on it. Coupons are thus referred to as ‘ Blinkies’
BTFE - Box Tops for Education
BTW - By the way
CAT - Coupon that prints from a Catalina machine at the register.
CC - Concealed Cash
CH - Clearing House
CLFE - Campbell's Labels For Education
C/O - Cents Off
CRT - Cash register tape (receipt)
CYE - Check your email
DB - The coupon database
DD - Darling daughter
DEAD - Refers to a dead deal, or that the offer is no longer valid
DH - Darling husband
DND - Do Not Double
DS - Darling son
DW - Darling Wife
ECB - Extra Care Buck (earned at CVS)
ENVIE - Envelope
ES - Easy Saver, seen at Walgreens rebate booklet
ETS - Excludes Trial Sizes
EX or X. - Expires on
FAR - Free after rebate
FC - First class postage stamps
FIL - Father in law
FL - Could refer to Food Lion, or to a site Forum Leader
FS - Forever Stamp
FS - Free Shipping
FSOT - For Sale or Trade
FWIW - For what it's worth
GC - Gift Card
GDA - Good Deal Alert
GM - General Mills Insert, a booklet of coupons that appears in newspapers every month or two.
HBA - Health & Beauty Section in the store
HTH - hope that helps
IDSO - in desperate search of
INSERTS – Coupon booklets found in the Sunday paper
IMHO - in my humble opinion (there are variations of this, but that's the most common!)
IMO - In My Opinion
IP – Internet Printable coupon
IRL - In Real Life
ISO - In Search Of (basically you need it)
IVC - Instant value coupons - seen in Walgreens rebate booklet
IVDSO - In very desperate search of
KWIM - Know What I Mean
LMK – Let Me Know
LOL - Laugh/Laughing Out Loud
MFR - Manufacturer
MIL - Mother in law
MIR - Mail In Rebate
MOD - Site Moder
MQ - Manufacturer coupon
MRP - Manufacturer's retail price
NAZ - Name, address, zip code
NAZP# - Name, address, zip code, phone number
NED - No Expiration Date
NFN - No Form Needed
NIB - New in Box
NIP - New in Package
NP - No problem
NT WT - Net Weight
OAS - A Coupon that is good on one Purchase, Any Size
OASN – On A Side Note
OOP - Out Of Pocket
OOS - Out of Stock
OP - Original poster or original post (person who started the thread)
OT - Off Topic
OYNO -On Your Next Order
P&G - Proctor & Gamble (Sunday Booklet Coupons)
Peelie - Coupon found attached to a product. You have to peel it off.
PITA - Pain in the *** (we use abbreviations for a reason!)
PLMK - Please Let Me Know
PM - Private Message
POP - Proof of purchase
PP - PayPal
PSA - Prices Starting At
Q - Coupon
QQ - Coupon Queen
RAOK - random act of kindness (means you will give the coupons away free)
RC - Rain-check
ROFLMAO - Rolling on the floor laughing my *** off (found in the mood tab)
RP - Red Plum (Sunday Booklet Coupons) (formerly Valassis)
RR - Register Reward from Walgreens - use as a $ off coupon on your next purchase
SAHM - Stay At Home Mom
SAHW - Say At Home Wife
SASE - Self addressed stamped envelope
SCR - Rite Aid Single Check Rebate
SIL - Sister or son in law
SMP - Specially marked package
SO - Significant other
SRP - Suggested retail price
SS - Smart Source (Sunday Booklet Coupons)
STACKING - Often stores will allow the use of more than one coupon per item, IF the coupon itself does not restrict such usage. (Usually store Q + mfr Q)
SUPER DOUBLES or DOUBLES - coupons that are doubled $1 + in value (IE, a $1 coupon - $2, etc)
TEARPAD - A pad of forms/coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display
TIA - Thanks in Advance
TMF - Try Me Free - mail in rebate for full amount of product
TMI - Too much information
TRIPLE COUPON - A coupon that a grocery store triples in value
TRU - Toys R Us
TYVM - Thank You Very Much
UPC - Universal Product Code, barcode on the product
WAGS - Walgreens
WL - Wish list
WM - Walmart
WSL - While supplies last
WUC - We Use Coupons (refers to the site)
WUCkie - Member of WUC
WYB - When You Buy
YGEM - You've got an email
YGPM - You've got a private message!
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary ("Worked for me, may not work for you")
YVW - You’re very welcome

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