Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coupon talk AGAIN LOL

First of all, I have to talk coupons and savings. It would jsut be wrong of me if I didn't LOL. This site that I'm affiliated with is having an AMAZING sale of coupons on Ebay. I'm even going to bid on them myself because that's just how coupon crazy I am. Here's the link so go check it out and see what all you could be getting It's serioulsy HUGE!!!!! If for some reasons my links don't work because I pretty much suck at this still then you should just be able to search it on Ebay from the item number. Just click on my pink tile heading ( Coupon Talk Again LOL) and it'll take you to where you need to go. Also don't forget to check out their site also if you haven't already. I have the badge at the top of my page. Big and green, you cant miss it. If you do though, there's another one towards the bottom of the page on the left. Pastel colors I believe.

So, has everyone had a good weekend so far?? I went with my family this morning to a playdate with some other families from the playgroup that I organize. It was so much fun. We went to The Akron Fossils and Science center and Turrassic Park in Copley. If you haven't been there then I reccommend you go. The kids had a blast playing. The tour was a little bit much for the smaller ones but the bigger kids loved it. The got to touch fossils and learn about all sorts of neat things. You can check out their website for more info. I had found out about it one day when I happend across a review for it that another mommie blogger had wrote. It sounded so great I decided it would be a nice time to take the kids to. Check out the other Mommie Bloggers Site at AkronOhioMoms. I also have her badge on my page (right hand side) so check it out. It's full of great ideas and she also have AWESOME giveaways.

Well, it's time to cook dinner but have no fear, I'll be back LOL

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