Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Hope all the mothers out there are having a wonderful day today.Mine has been pretty good for the most part.I had a nice time visiting with my parents and the kids mademe cute cards. My oldest son called to tell me Happy Mothers Day and I got to see my son Kyle who is in NYC on his school trip outside on the Today Show this morning. That was WAY COOL!!!! He was texting me telling me whom he was by and what they were wearing LOL.

I got a call on my cell as we're on our way home from brunch. It's Kyle calling from NYC and he tells me he hurt his ankle. I'm thinking yeah Kyle ok. The school specifically said the kids HAD to go to school on Monday after the trip and if they missed they had to have a dr's excuse. So I think he's just blowing smoke up my butt until he says the nurse wants to talk to me.

Well she gets on and tells me yeah his ankle is pretty large and she had ice on it. She wanted to know if I wanted them to find a stat care for him there or wait till they get home. I was like well you're the nurse, what do yo think? She said she thought he would be ok till he got home. Yeah after an 8 hr bus trip I can only imagine what kind of shape he's going to be in. They won't get home until after 10 and stat care closes at 10. If it's just swollen I'm going to wait until tomorrow but if it's black and blue then I'll go ahead and take him to the ER.

I asked him how he did it and he said he was jumping around like a Leprechaun!!! WTH???? I don't even wanna known. I was like WTH, did you run out of money and were you performing or something??? LOL

Yesterday he was all excited because he made $100. He bought 2 watches off the street out of suitcases and then he sold them LOL This is the kid that makes a fortune of selling baggies of candy at school too. LORD give me strength LOL

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day. I'm off the clip and sort coupons.


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