Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I need a break

I have seriously been so busy for weeks that I can't remember that last time that I even had a few moents of peace. I had to take Kyle to the Orthopedic specialist today and he ended up puting a cast on that goes up to his knee. It'snot a walking cast either because he doesn't want him to put any weight on it at all until he gets the cast off in 3 weeks. He gets the cast of June 4th and we're leaving for the beach on Jume 6th. I told Kyle that his NYC trip is going to end up costing me a fortune (again LOL). I bought him anew video game today for the PS3 so I havent heard much from him today. I know he's in pain but I think he'smilking it jsut a tad.Then again, so would I probably LOL. I'm ready to just take to my bed with something just to get a break. I'm getting totally overwhelmed with stuff and I have no one to blame but myself. I need to learn to say no and I also need to learn to stop scheduling so much stuff for myself. I have 3 playdates for the kids next week plus my 4 year old starts T-ball on Tuesday and has soccer on Friday. I feel as if I'm constantally running somewhere. It's a total pain since I'm usually taking the 2 yr old and 4 year old with me. I'm glad they're good though ::knocks on wood:::. My main complaint is lifting them up in my truck and then buclking and unbuckling and then doing it all over and over again.

My 9 year old informed me this morning that theres some family fun nutrion thing at her schoool tonight and she wants to go. I had to say yes but I really wanted to say NO!!!!!! I have so much to do. I'm having a yard sale with my friend Friday and Saturday and I still have so much to do to get ready for it. Then I have a dr's appt tomorrow @ 12:15 then I'm heading to Gretas sometime tomorrow to help set up for Friday morning. I seriously just want to crawl in bed and not get out.

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