Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It all started around Christmas time when I was ordering packages like crazy off of the internet. Well, my UPS man would always run through my side yard and leave the packages on the back porch. This went on a couple of times a week for almost 2 months. My 4 yr old would hear him pull up and then run to the window and start screaming, "why is that man running thourough our yard? He jsut runs through our yard, knock on the door and leaves!" Freaked him out for the longest time LOL Well, he still comes about once every two weeks and now he's cool with it because he know that there's usually something cool in the boxes he leaves on the porch. So today I'm sitting here and Carter yells, "I can run faster than him." He runs to the back door, opens it and is standing there waiting on him LOL. He was all excited when he handed me the package. Well, once I opened it, he wasn't thrilled at all. It was my new Charlaine Harris Book. YAY YAY YAY!!!! For those of you whom have never read her work, you should. They're based on the HBO True Blood Series. The books of course are way better in my opinion but isn'tthat how it usually is?? I love Sookie Stackhouse and I can't wait to start reading. What's even better is I got an awesome deal on it. Got the hardback for $9.99. So worth it!!!

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